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SkinAcu delivers bespoke Cosmetic & Wellbeing Acupuncture treatments at clinics on Harley Street and in Tunbridge Wells. Delivered by Lisa Lee a fully qualified Five Element acupuncturist and Member of both the British Acupuncture Council and Cosmetic Acupuncture UK, all treatments at SkinAcu adhere to the highest standards of safety and competency.

Perfecting Your Skin Naturally


Cosmetic & Wellbeing Acupuncture provides a safe and natural solution to help you achieve your skin goals and to support complete wellness.

Practised in China for thousands of years , Cosmetic & Wellbeing Acupuncture restores balance to Body & Mind, and can be used to treat specific facial and body skin problems such as poor skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, small scars, acne, under-eye puffiness and dark circles, excessive redness or sweating.

The result is total wellness with radiant, fresh, clear and firm looking skin, all without using any harsh chemicals, toxins or surgical intervention.

Feel Well, Look Great


The treatment is performed by directly stimulating acupoints with single-use sterile ultra-fine needles to encourage skin repair, hydration, balance and tonicity. 

What is unique about this type of acupuncture, is that it takes a holistic view of your skin issues, and the treatment and choice of acupoints will address any underlying factors that may be affecting your skin, such as stress, water retention, or poor sleep. 

Cosmetic & Wellbeing Acupuncture simply is a fabulous way to look great on the outside, and feel amazing on the inside. 


The treatments include acupoint stimulation, combined with the use of soothing skincare products and massage techniques to stimulate circulation and repair.

At the first treatment a full consultation, Chinese Medicine diagnosis and acupuncture treatment will be carried out to cleanse your system, bring balance throughout the body, and calm the mind, while also starting to treat specific areas of concern. The follow-up sessions will focus primarily on the problem areas, while supporting general wellness as needed. A short course of 5 sessions is recommended in order to obtain initial results, while a course of 10 sessions will provide optimal and longer lasting changes. In the longer term, single sessions every two to three months will help maintain results.


Harley Street Clinic:

Single session 

£150 (70 mins)

Course of 5 sessions 

£685 (5x70mins)

Course of 10 sessions

£1275 (10x70mins)

Tunbridge Wells Clinic:

Single session 

£95 (70 mins)

Course of 5 sessions 

£430 (5x70mins)

Course of 10 sessions

£810 (10x70mins)                         

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